The movie makers 
I forgot to mention. Princess got a hair cut last week. Bronwyn's parents got a dog-hairdresser in to do their dog, and offered to share costs with us. I didn't recognise her when she came back. She looked half the size, and if it wasn't for her obsessive compulsive desire to fetch sticks, I would have thought it was a different dog. She's a lot more lively now. Must have been quite a weight of fur!

A car came up the drive on Thursday. It stopped. I thought they had taken the wrong turn by mistake. Then a camera lens appeared out of the window, and flashed about four or five times. It was a location scout, looking for an old farmhouse.

They were filming an advertisement - an appeal for the Leukaemia and Blood foundation. They had a boy with leukaemia, plus his parents and friends. The story was that the friends arrive before dawn, and cut "To Ryan, love Dad" in the gorse on the hillside. They didn't have any actors - the boy really did have leukaemia.

They arrived at 6:15am, and were filming all day until 3pm. Then they set off to film the gorse cutting. There was the producer, the director, the cameraman, the technician, the trainee camerawoman, the guys hauling props and sunshades around, the make up women, the caterers and a few others that I didn't identify, Plus all the family and friends, and quite a few children. Rachael had a whale of a time entertaining them all.

It was a long day. They promised to send us a copy of the completed advert, which I'll make available to anyone who's interested! Since it was for charity, they couldn't pay us a lot, but it certainly covered a day's work and came with chocolates and a couple of bottles of wine.

Funny. I keep meaning to paint the house. Perhaps I won't. They actually wanted me to preserve the cobwebs for the window shot. It adds character to the house!

Did the covers for the sofa cushions. Made one, then used it as a template for the other. Except that I should have done it in reverse! The cushions both have a small projection that extends outwards to the end of the sofa. I had to carefully cut off one of them and sew it onto the other side. They look great now!

Smokey has had a couple of days absent without leave, but returned at night each time. I think he's settled here now. He's quieter, and more affectionate, but seems to eat more, so we'll have to make sure only one of us feeds him at once!

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