Construction has started on Bronwyn's sister Claire's house. They've begun to put in the main studs (it's a wooden house, so there's not much of a foundation). Haven't been over there recently, but a frame is now visible from the road. It's Claire's birthday so we've got her some DIY vouchers!

Having succeeded to fix on the mailbox (the steel was only 1/2mm thick), I spent a lot of yesterday cutting up bits of panelling to finish off a bay window seat that's been in bits for about 3 years now. Did some painting and varnishing today, and once the second coat's on, I can tack on all the panelling. It's looking quite good already. Bronwyn's planning to make some cushions to fit on top.

Bronwyn's dad has been talking of replacing our front deck, which has a couple of nasty holes in it (currently covered up by assorted bits of plywood), so I think I've goaded him into action!

Meanwhile, one of the church youth home groups offered to come round last week, do jobs for us and look after the children, so we could have a night off. In the end, we both stayed at home, and had a great time tidying and cleaning, and finding out what colour Rachael's floor is. Bronwyn brought some pizza for everyone, and they were really pleased they could eat with the whole family. The youth group is trying to do more things for other people this year, instead of spending all the time in their own little private club.

Bronwyn's been busy too. She's nailed 256 nails into 4 squares of MDF board, to make an exercise for the childcare centre. The children have rubber bands to make shapes on the nails. I suggested doing one using a triangular layout, so they can make hexagons and so on, but she's going to try them on the basic square layout first!

And the cat got into a fight, and got a couple of deep cuts on one ear, so he's currently in stitches. It certainly hasn't been a dull couple of weeks...

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