The earth opened up and swallowed me 
Bronwyn had a trial day working at a child care centre, and it seems to have gone really well; she says it was quite relaxed and easy going. She starts properly this Friday, and will be just a couple of days per week to start with. This is probably just as well, because we'll need to work out how to cater for Rachael and Sarah, and who's going to pick them up!

Had another contest with the brass band on Sunday. It was very hot in the building, and I didn't manage to play my solo properly. Those four bars have been playing over in my head since then, tormenting me... But I think we did quite well otherwise, and I enjoyed it. The judge appears to have noticed that, and made a comment about it! Don't know what points we got. I understand the junior band did quite well though, and won their section.

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