Lots of rain, high winds, tornados in places. Paddocks are covered in mud. Time for the sheep to give birth! Bronwyn has been out around the paddock several times a day, and delivered several lambs. We've lost a lot this year; the vet thinks it's toxoplasmosis; we've had a stray cat around the house a few times. The lambs are often born premature or weak, and you have to get to them fast in order to revive them. If they survive though, they'll have immunity to it.

Two lambs in the back yard for bottle feeding. One has been named Nibble. The other one doesn't have a name yet. Rachael calls it "No Name".

There used to be a wasp nest on the side of the paddock. I think I mentioned it after getting attacked while going for a jog. There's no nest now. There's a big hole where the ground caved in from all the rain. It's about 2 feet deep and wide, and appears to have several further branches underground, at least from what we could see before it collapsed further. No sign of wasps now. Not after several inches of rain on the hole!

We haven't had a frost since June. I appear to have a crop of potatoes growing that I didn't plant. Won't complain.

Another flood in the kitchen. This time it was the water pipe to the dishwasher, which had a patch eaten away. Hence it was easier to isolate and fix, but we had a good look underneath for any other damage! Bronwyn has bought some stainless steel scouring pads, which appear to be very effective at blocking rodents. I've stuffed a few in the various points of entry.

I'm getting better on the saxaphone. I've printed off the pieces that I'd always wanted to play, if I could play a saxaphone. So far that comprises the Benny Hill theme (Yakety Sax), Pink Panther and that solo from Careless Whispers. Can't quite do it justice yet, but I'm working on it. At least I've worked out how to play C# (no fingers ... at all) without the instrument flopping wildly! I keep finding extra buttons I hadn't spotted before...


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