All downhill from here 
We're on the slope to Christmas. It kind of starts with the Taupaki fireworks, which for many years have been held in Kumeu. It started as a fundraiser for Taupaki school, and grew into one of the biggest displays in Auckland. It's also right next to the brass band hall. Hence we've taken to rehearsing the Christmas music for an hour or so, and then going outside to watch it across the paddocks. We did try to continue rehearsing through it once, but it was tricky. The fireworks tend to mess up the rhythm a bit!

Sarah came home with a big trophy on Friday for top student in animal husbandry. This was for the diary and project she did. She also got a few certificates and ribbons, including one for a rather stellar cupcake display. We can't bear to eat it. The trophy has to go back tomorrow though, so it can be engraved and kept safe in the school cabinet.

Meanwhile, we've got two extra lambs in the paddock. Bambi and Baa were bottle fed at Ross and Janet's, and have just been weaned. Nobody's been able to explain that to them of course, so feeding time can be a bit of a mission!

Bronwyn is off in Singapore for a few days to meet up with Ross and Janet as they come back from England. Not sure if they'll get to see England again; it's getting more of an effort each time. So it could be an emotional time. But Singapore is a great place to unwind. Generally you've got no choice. It's 100% humidity most of the time!


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