Been a while 
I unblocked a drainage pipe on the farm. I was most proud.

We'd had a lot of rain and the hurricane had brought down a lot of leaves and debris. There's a drain running under the drive from one paddock to the other. It was blocked. And about four feet deep. And we didn't know where the pipe was. We were going to leave it until it all dried out, but the weather wasn't helping. I used an old hosepipe and a bit of irrigation pipe to syphon water across to another hole that did have a working drain. That worked, but it was a bit slow. The paddock had quite a lake in it.

So one day I got a longer section of pipe and decided to put it under the driveway so that gravity would make it pull faster. I pushed it through, and hit something soft. So I pushed a bit harder, and suddenly realised that there was more water coming through. So I gave it a jolly good shove, and then checked the other end. Yup, definitely some movement. A day or two later I climbed in with a spade and scooped out a pile of rotting leaves. No more temporary lakes in the paddock!

Lambing season is upon us. We've got five lambs and a sheep in the back garden, plus five chickens. The sheep had got stuck and is recovering from an infected rear end, along with her twins. There are three others that got abandoned so we're bottle feeding them. Going out the back door is now getting hazardous. They move so fast.

We've had the heat pump going for a couple of months, and the last electricity bill was rather high, so we've been returning to blankets until we're desperate! We've also had the heat lamp going for the newest lamb. There's plenty of wood out on the farm after the hurricane, but it's still a bit green.

Rach has just finished a very busy week. She volunteered to help out with the school production (Hairspray). I recall that our school had the music teacher, the drama teacher, another one doing make up, and another doing the lighting. The stage was rather minimal, and shared space with a trampoline and various other equipment. Rach's production had at least 8 prop hands, three stage managers and plenty of others. Eight productions (or was it nine, we lost count?) and they generally finished at 10pm, so Rach had some very late nights. We've all got colds as a result! I went to see one performance - obviously they've been rehearsing for months because it was really slick and high intensity. The dancing was incredible. Now Rach keeps singing the tunes and discussing the jokes, at least when she's got the energy.

I've been very busy, which is the main reason why I haven't posted for a couple of months! Everything has happened at once, so I'm trying to organise priorities. Several new jobs, to add to my existing collection. And I'm helping out a friend with maths. I've had to look up some bits. I never got the hang of standard deviation.

The church has finally left the building. The building hasn't moved, but will shortly be partly flattened to build a pre-school. We've been hiring the hall next door. It's been working reasonably well so far, but it's a huge hall so it takes a while to heat up in the morning! Later in the year, the Anglimethodists have offered their church, once they've finished renovations. We've converted the old hovel that sat on our new land into offices, and we've been debating what to build with the money we partly haven't got. Current design is a large central circular hall to which other bits are going to be added...

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