A week in the country 
It was the agricultural day at Sarah's school, so Bronwyn sorted out the usual flowers, sand, shells, pebbles, seaweed and various other bits for the flower arrangement competition (everybody does at least two every year!). This year we also had the chickens, so Bronwyn repaired and furnished the box for them to spent the day in. Meanwhile it was also Greats And Grands day at Rachael's school, so Bronwyn's parents dropped in for a visit, as well as Sarah's school. Don't ever remember anything so complicated at our school!

Think I might give Rachael my mums old rucksack. On Friday she had PE and clarinet lessons, as well as maths and English. She's complaining of back pains from carrying too much!

One of our hand fed cows got injured in the strong winds last week. Broke her hamstring. It doesn't look fixable, so we're hand feeding her again to keep her alive until her calf is weaned. Poor thing isn't able to walk, so she's lost a lot of weight.

Pip, Erica and Angelica are growing fast. Don't think we'll need to feed them much longer. But they still make a racket when they get hungry!

Dug the garden yesterday. All of it. Raining and windy today, but it's a bank holiday tomorrow so I've got a day off before I finish the job.

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