A busy holiday 
Bronwyn worked really hard cleaning and tidying the house. We've thrown out about 5 sackfuls of assorted junk. We're slowly working through the house clearing things out. It'll take a while.

Everyone goes on holiday after Christmas. We delay it a bit. I've been working hard trying to get everything finished. Off camping tomorrow. Usually it'a a gamble whether we'll fit all the stuff in one car. Now we're not sure if we'll squeeze into two!

Brenda arrived a week ago, and has been enjoying life on the farm and settling in. She's been introduced to most of the family, and did a couple of trips into the city. Our kitchen has never been cleaner.

Haymaking is in full swing. Four chickens laying eggs. Several sheep off to the sales, including Erica. She'll be reserved for breeding purposes. The other Erica is back from China next week, and it sounds like she had a good break. I'm still trying to learn Chinese...

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