It'll be cold 
We're heading to Queenstown next week for a few days. Weather forcast is a little cold and damp. But there will probably be plenty of snow, which none of us have seen for quite a long time.

Last Saturday I felt fine. Sunday was the band contest, and we came a close second. I felt a bit tired in the afternoon, but kept going. Monday my skin was hot and reactive. Tuesday I was feeling a bit weak and shaky. Wednesday I was in the doctors on an intravenous antibiotic. Bronwyn came along too, because she's getting fed up with us all being ill and wanted something done properly. Right now I'm a bit washed out, but getting better again. Just need to stay better for next week!

Eloise left us on Tuesday, and is hoping to get a job in an orchard somewhere. She's left us with some paintings and drawings, which we're hanging up on the wall. Amazing detail, and she really manages to capture the texture and the mood. We've also got a few photos taken by Aimee, Bronwyn's brother Neil's stepdaughter. She's also got an incredible eye for colour and texture. I've seen stuff on sale in galleries that looks like a child's effort compared to that.

Pip is getting weaned. He's in the front paddock with the rest of the sheep, and Angelica and Erica are in the back garden again. Pip will be down to two feeds a day, on watered down milk. He's been making a pathetic baa all day, and sounds like he's got a sore throat. But he'll get his friends back in a couple of weeks.

Getting warm at last. When I get the energy, there's more trees to plant. But I think I'd better take it easy this week...

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