The world at my doorstep 
Coralie leaves us on Wednesday to go round the south island for a month with a random friend she met on the internet. She had wanted to see the Coromandel, but never got the chance, so yesterday I took her to the Waitakere Ranges with Rachael. We did at least 2 hours walking through the forest, plus a trip to Piha beach and a quick stop at the television mast and the reservoir. Plus a lot of driving! But she really enjoyed it. Rachael was pretty tired afterwards.

Coralie will come back north for another month, so we'll probably see her again before she goes home. Next week we've got a couple to stay for a week, and then we've got two Japanese girls to stay for a fortnight to learn English and go to Rachael's school. We've then got a couple of weeks gap before Nick and Esther arrive, but I'm sure we'll find someone. Had to turn two french women away because they were going to here at the same time as the Japanese.

Big Rob arrived yesterday from Christchurch to stay for a few days. He's the one who took us round Christchurch last year and showed us all the damage. There hasn't been a lot of rebuilding yet, so there's some rather empty spaces there still.

Did five days at work last week because I was on the support roster. Plus the four hours I did extra the previous week, and the four hours extra this week, and the requirement to work a four day week, I've got two days off next week. And two days the next week. Except after this week I can't see it working - we have far too much work on at the moment!

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