Covid? What covid? 
Our internet was getting really bad, so I had the idea of borrowing the church's and seeing how well it worked from our house. It's all based on mobile phone signals so you can just pick up the modem and move it. There's apparently a cellphone tower on the top of the hill near us. The church internet was four times faster than Vodafone. But when I rang up. they said that it wasn't available in our area. "But it works! Please sell it to me!" Apparently they're restricting it to prevent congestion. But I can check on the website occasionally to see if it ever becomes available.

After checking a few addresses, Vodafone suddenly went faster. And it's still faster. I suspect I've triggered some sort of alert "Oops - customer is looking at the opposition's website! Switch him over to the better equipment!". I've kept the website open and I'm making a habit of refreshing it at least once a day.

Chaos resumes tomorrow. Rachael is starting up at University after spending most of the year studying from home. The transport costs will rise, but her private flock of sparrows will have food in time for Spring. Sarah has been back at school for a week. Within a few days her laptop died, and had to have a new hard drive. Hopefully the new one will be more reliable!

Early tomorrow, Bronwyn and Sarah are flying south for our old pastor Sam's induction as an army chaplain. She and our current pastor Gareth will be "leading him down the aisle" as part of the ceremony. Everyone has to wear uniform or the civilian equivalent. Bronwyn doesn't have a uniform, so she's gone shopping and invented one!

Five lambs so far. Bronwyn has cleaned the shed in anticipation, although we've got four people who want to bottle feed a lamb so we'll probably just have them for a few days until they're off the colostrum. We've lost a few sheep recently from a dog attack, and also from the cold weather. Allan has positioned a trail camera to try and spot the dog, the council has left us a trap and Bronwyn and Rachael have been doing the rounds checking on them. I'm still clearing blackberry so I'm keeping an eye on the sheep too while I'm out there!

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