Books and chainsaws 
The brass band asked the Lions club for funds, The Lions club asked us to help our at their Book Fair, in return for a cut of the profits. So yesterday I spent all morning shifting books around and keeping the hordes happy. They rushed in at the start with boxes and huge bags, grabbing anything they could find. Within 30 minutes we must have sold up to a thousand books. It slowed down after a while, and by 11am most people were just browsing, hunting for authors and grovelling under the table for more. Just as well; I was pretty shattered by then!

Another great day in church. Yes, honestly. The youth were leading it, with a theme from the Home Improvements show. They were all playing the parts complete with overalls and fake beards. Near the beginning they invited up three people, gave them each a saw and a thick beam, and had a wood sawing contest. "Tim The Tool Man" had the fourth saw. Part way through, he walked out, and came back with a chainsaw. Now, I don't recommend you use a chainsaw indoors. It took us a while to clear the smoke!

Last Sunday I switched Sigrids door round so it opened the other way. Got it all working fine, then realised the light switch was on the wrong side! So I'll have to go crawling through the roof (or the dust) working out whether I can reroute the cables.

It was supposed to be a bonfire night last night, but we only had one extra; Claire's little boy Cooper. So we had dinner, and then let off some sparklers. Bronwyn's mum and dad couldn't make it, but they were upset that nobody else arrived so they'll be coming over tonight with some pudding, and we might actually light the bonfire. It's the remains of the old tree that used to be by the gate. It's been sitting in the paddock for years! Bronwyn and Rachael harvested the last of the pine cones.

Hot and sunny. Summer's come early!

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