Dry as 
It's dry as, Bro, as they say round here. Haven't had any rain for ages. Don't know if the lawnmower will ever move again; it's probably seized up out of boredom.

The band played out in the park in West Auckland, and I should have brought another 2 litres of water, because I was somewhat dehydrated by the end. We played Orpheus in the Underworld (or the second half, where it turns into the CanCan). The compere tried to get the audience dancing, but didn't get very far!

Rachael left a wine glass on the sofa. It was probably one of her scientific experiments, but she hasn't worked out how to use a table yet. Bronwyn sat on it. She had to call Mum round to inspect her bottom while Rachael attempted to clear up!

Rachael's off to camp for three days. She's been doing all sorts of activities like abseiling and climbing, and seems to be coping quite well. Back tomorrow. We're enjoying the peace and quiet. I managed to find a missing DVD, so I took it back to the hire shop before we lost it again!

Sarah's got a toy guitar. More chinese plastic. I managed to tune it to something reasonable, and she's been sitting on the floor strumming and singing away. It was quite a sight.

Last, but not least, I'll be in England from 27th April to 21st May, and stopping in Singapore for a few hours either way. Bronwyn's also bought some tickets, but to Dunedin (far south of New Zealand) so she can see her friends down there.

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