Bronwyn bought a couple of camelias and a lemon tree, so I spent some time yesterday mowing part of the lawn and planting the trees. Was going to mow the rest today, but it's rained all day. Now we have two more trees after Bronwyn's sister gave them to her as a birthday present. They're currently sitting on their alloted spaces, but I won't plant them until it stops raining.

Another person left from work last week, and I understand someone else is going next week. We're certainly cutting down on expenses, but whether we can sustain this sort of dismantling is another matter. We desperately need a Linux person to get all the servers running properly, otherwise we can hardly position ourselves as a specialist web company! Someone has been found, who meets the approval of our previous Linux person. We just need to get the approval of The Board. Currently they are concentrating on reducing expenses, which might save money in the short term, but doesn't help us in the long term. I have plenty to do at the moment however with all the school websites, so I'm certainly not bored.

Rachael has been. She's on holiday this week, and swinging from frantic activity to listless boredom. She's been off with a friend of hers for a couple of days, and off to a holiday programme on other days. Plus a day on the beach and some time swimming. Then she's got the tree house, the trampoline, the new computer and dozens of toys and games. Plus the foundations for the new house. But she still gets bored! She doesn't yet realise what tiredness feels like, and actually she hasn't been all that well. But there's no telling Rachael. Sarah has also been a bit off colour. There's a chance she may have chicken pox, but no spots yet.

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