Still tired 
I'm not sure how long it took to get over the jet lag. I almost immediately caught a cold, and was weak and feverish for about a week. I'm still not quite right. Last Sunday I suddenly realised I was supposed to be manning the computer at church. I rushed in just as it was starting, but someone else had taken my place. Doubt if I was in a fit state to do it anyway! I managed to get through the brass band practice OK, although one ear is full of wax again, and it was a little tricky hearing properly. My left ear has a kink in the outer section which traps wax on a regular basis. It was only a couple of months since it was last done!

Work is progressing in random lurches. Our priorities shift week by week, and it's hard to plan anything. But we're getting there slowly. Two new people have joined, one programmer and another doing telemarketing. Through all this we've managed to highlight the advantage of a small business; we may not have the resources to respond to everything immediately, but at least we can still provide the personal service that people really appreciate. NZ Telecom fell over on that one last week. They switched over everybody's email. They failed to tell everyone, they disconnected a large chunk of their customers, and they routed all the support calls to somewhere in south east asia. Not a good move.

Had a barn dance last night. My first since I was a teenager. It was great fun and I quickly got back into it. Think I overdid it though! It was the 21st birthday of a good friend of ours, so we also got the speeches, the embarrassing photos and videos, and the carefully preserved set of baby teeth...

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