Happy Christmas 
Christmas started last week. Santa has already been busy in quite a few parades. He's also phoned Sarah to ask what presents she wants. Another two parades this weekend, then more the next weekend. The last posting date for England has already passed...

We're a bit low on water. I've been making a graph on the kitchen cupboard. We've never run out before, but with a full house it's been going down faster. It's going to rain tomorrow, but at some point we'll probably need a tanker load. Mind you, the sheep are enjoying all the long grass out in the paddock. Apparently the drain system ends up out there somewhere, in a sea of perrenial green. Well fertilized, too.

Bronwyn's weaning herself off the painkillers; she's been able to do a lot more this week but still has to take it easy sometimes. She's still got the disabled badge from when the cow stood on her, which has proved quite useful.

Martin still hasn't found a car, but Bronwyn still isn't able to drive, so it's not a big issue. Had quite a decent curry last night. Bina Biryani...

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