A hard working weekend 
Spent a lot of Saturday piling more sand on the water slide, and then pinned down the plastic sheet, along with a second strip to cover the outside of the bend. The wind blew part of the sheet away, so I pinned it down again with a load of bricks. It's holding for now.

On Sunday morning there was a motocross rally on the next paddock, creating clouds of dust which fortunately drifted east, thus missing any nearby habitation. We had planned to get the slide going in the afternoon, and have a barbecue later. I invited everyone from work, and Rachael invited everyone from school. Only two turned up from work, and three of Rachael's friends (plus a couple of mums), so it wasn't as busy as we'd anticipated. But the slide worked well. Still needs yet more sand on the lower section.

Took my workmates on a tour of the farm, and ended up chasing a sheep that had ended up in the wrong paddock. And then another lot that had escaped down the drive. I was just about to sit down when I noticed the back gate was open. Decided to shut it. Just as well. By the time I got my shoes on there were a dozen sheep in the garden, and more following!

We're planning to have a quiet weekend down south next week, then Sarah's getting dedicated the weekend after that. The next weekend is the local agricultural show, where the band will be playing. We've also been invited to a friend's 5th birthday on that weekend, and to see his new baby sister. I suppose it's nice to have your life planned out, so long as it doesn't get too busy...

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