Weekend in Waiheke 
We had a voucher for the ferry to Waiheke, so we spent a couple of days there. It's a large island near Auckland, with lots of volcanic rock and some interesting countryside. There's also some tunnels left over from the second world war to service the guns on the east of the island. We spent a happy hour getting lost down there. Fortunately the torches didn't run out. The girls had a great time exploring the beaches, and also having a serious splash in the motel pool. They're still tired.

Took a while to get home again. Our ferry had broken down, and we managed to get on the ferry an hour later. I suspect some of the people who were booked for that next ferry had to wait as well. But we made it home eventually, rather tired. Got a lot of clothes to wash, but it's going to be wet all week, so it's a matter of how much I can fit in the bay window to dry. Pity it's only drizzle. We're still rather low on the tank.

The Christmas parades are over. Just the carolling to go now. Lost count of how many times we've played Jingle Bells.

Martin and Bina are still here, and so is the van. They've been a great help, so I'm not complaining. They're planning to spend the last couple of weeks visiting friends down south before heading off to Fiji. Then they're briefly in the USA, and then back to 'uddersfield. Meanwhile, we've had a request from a couple of vet students who needed a couple of weeks experience on a sheep farm. They had to do it during February. There's not a lot of sheep work during February, but we've talked to a larger farm down the road that they can spend a few days at.

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