Night Of The Washing Machine 
On Sunday night, both girls threw up twice, at evenly spaced intervals. Sarah first, and then Rachael. After the fourth event, there was enough washing for two loads, so Bronwyn put a load in at 3 am.

Since neither child was allowed anywhere on Monday, and since both parents were also suffering (from nasal and laryngeal gloop) we decided to take the whole day off. So we had a quiet day on Monday, apart from hanging out the washing...

I made it to the brass band rehearsal on Monday night, although not at my loudest. I also made it to the trombone rehearsal on Friday night. Due to the clash with the auxiliary band rehearsal, the trombones had to go to The Shed Of Eric instead. Fortunately it was warm and well lit, and we had a fun evening picking up tips, since the conductor used to be principal trombone in an English championship section band. His favourite trick is to blow very loud low notes with a mute in. Opens up the throat, apparently.

Had a mini party for Sarah on Wednesday when she turned three, and then a more involved party at the weekend, with some staying overnight. We're all rather tired and washed out, so the mess can stay where it is for the time being.

They have planted a garden in a patch of bush on the farm, where they're planning to bury baby Faith. Haven't seen it yet, but it sounds as if it was quite involved, with a number of people working on it.

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