More birthdays 
It was Rachael's birthday yesterday. Bronwyn bought a small chocolate cake, and we lit some candles, but we've already had the big party so she won't get a lot more. Bronwyn's parents are coming round tonight for yet another family meal (we seem to be getting a lot of birthdays with two parents, five children, and three grandchildren in the family so far).

Stormy has been spotted! Bronwyn's dad was out in the tractor up by the hay barn, and spotted him hiding up there. So we've been putting out food, and something has been eating it. Don't think it's our dog, but he does have a liking for cat food, or indeed any food apart from carrots and green vegetables. But the hay barn is a quarter mile away, and the dog doesn't wander far.

Our mousetraps disappeared after the party. I suspect one of the children might have moved them, or quietly disposed of them. Meanwhile, we've had mice in several rooms, and a loud squeaking under the sink. Bronwyn bought a couple more mousetraps, and we've caught three so far.

Don't know how much longer I'll stick it out at work. They're in financial problems, and I got paid nearly two weeks late. I feel a duty to the old boss, who's still there as a programmer, because he brought it up from nothing and paid a high price for it. But I don't like the way it's been run recently. We seem to have too many chiefs and not enough indians, and lurch from one crisis to another.

Bronwyn is still at her job. One staff member (who had been a bit of a problem) was suspended recently, and another has left. This makes Bronwyn effectively second in command. Things seem to have settled a bit, because she hasn't been talking of leaving for several weeks now.

Two of Bronwyn's brothers are also in difficulty. One hasn't been paid properly for months, and another has just been made redundant. Seems like everyone is having problems right now!

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