Harry the disabled sheep is now completely normal. We've kept him in the back garden because he keeps the onion weed down and provides some company for Tabby and Toby, who are growing fast and may soon break down the gate at feeding time. They also know how to climb through the fence and spend a lot of time out in the paddock already. Today, we left the back gate open, and Harry's friends have come in to help with the weeding.

They've dropped most of the mask mandates now, and stopped the daily reporting. I've been watching the infection figures, and they were rapidly heading towards zero. I assume they still are; it's hard to tell without the daily figures! So we're pretty much back to normal. We still have a collection of designer face masks and a box of free tests, which come in useful for the others as they head into the Populated Zones. I hardly need them here.

Had a great time at the regional brass band contest last week. I think we played better than in the nationals, and I enjoyed it better too. North Shore Academy Brass were a hoot; they began by playing the sound of rain and occasional animals as they set up the chairs, followed by the compere coming in with a pith helmet and pretending to be David Attenborough. "As you can see, the band is largely populated by younglings, but you may hear some older members parping away at the back" followed immediately by the sound of an elephant trumpeting. He then introduced "Africa" by Toto. After that, he came on with a blond wig and wrestling an inflatable crocodile to introduce an Australian number. This was followed by an Indian chief) by the name of Shenandoah), a fur trader (Oregon), and finally Michael Jackson. One of the boys in the audience jumped up and started doing the moon walk and the other moves in front of the band. Great entertainment.

Clocks just went forward today. It's getting warmer. I spent a couple of weeks digging the garden (found masses of potatoes) and I've got a few things growing already. I don't think we actually had a frost, because I found a chilli plant still alive, and potatoes have been growing all year round. Meanwhile, we've been getting a few meal kits each week. Many seem to use a little garlic, but supply a whole bulb of it. Bring on the vampires...


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