Hair today. More tomorrow 
I survived! I'm now past the worst from the sixth and last chemo, and already my hair seems to be making a comeback. It's not supposed to start growing for another 5 weeks, but it's already getting a bit dark on top.

As I mentioned last time, I'm doing a reverse Shave For A Cure. Sponsor me, and guess the date when most of my hair is 10mm long. The prize won't be of much use to you if you're not living locally however, but you're welcome to pick a date. According to all the advice I've had, the hair should start to return 2 months after the last treatment, which was 19th April. However, I note that most of the patients in that ward were 80 plus, and secondly that some of my follicles have never really stopped. So it could be earlier...

While I've been recovering, the rest of the household has had an action packed fortnight. Bronwyn took Sarah and two other girls down to the Intermediate Easter Camp (eCamp). Rachael also went as a leader, partly as part of her Duke of Edinburgh's award, and partly because she liked it so much when she went a few years ago and wanted to go again... somehow. They missed the cyclone, and all went smoothly apart from a few showers and an overturned can of coke in the tent. All cleaned up now.

Rachael then went off on a five day camp around the northern tip of New Zealand, also as part of her D of E award. She came back hobbling somewhat. But undeterred, they all went off again to someone's holiday house for an overnight retreat. I stayed at home - I wasn't feeling too good from the chemo.

But I'm feeling a lot stronger now. Just as well; I've had a massive amount of work to do, and I didn't have enough energy last month. So I'm catching up a bit this month. Now that I've got my energy back, there's a list of jobs round the house as well!

I shall be posting weekly photos of my head. Maybe I could try stringing them into a time lapse video of my hair growing...


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