Don't feel well... 
Don't know where all that fudge went. We've got about six lumps left out of 250.

Sarah's room is tidy. Took a while. I'm tired, and I don't feel well. Not sure if they're related. Bronwyn's been really quite ill with a cough, asthma and now a headache and fever. One of my fingers has swollen up. Sarah and Rachael have both had a virus and a skin rash. But they're both bouncing around the house now, so they'll be back to school tomorrow.

Bronwyn phoned me at work last Friday, and decided I sounded a bit stressed, so she came in and brought some drinks and nibbles. Lots. So the entire company had a bit of a party. They usually crack open the beers on Friday afternoon too, so it was well timed. (The police are usually around somewhere on Fridays at 5pm too...)


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oh how sweet of Bron, hope you all feel better soon

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