Peace at last 
It went from panic mode to bleary eyed insanity last week. But the conference was a success. Our stuff worked almost perfectly. But the wireless network was overloaded with nearly two hundred teachers on laptops, plus quite a few students who spotted the free internet access around the school. They had to set up a second wireless range to give access to everyone. I suspect you could have microwaved your dinner in the server room if you left it next to the wireless access point.

Hopefully this marks the end of our own wireless saga. I bought a wireless ADSL router off an auction site, and got it all set up and working. But it peacefully passed away in the night, and not even the LEDs on the front work now. So I bought another. It arrived, brand new, and entirely in Chinese. After asking around, and making use of Google's translator, I've got it set up. If you're reading this, it's still working...

It was International Sunday at church, and loads of people had things to share about their country, plus plenty of food afterwards. I was running the computer. Fortunately the youth pastor helped me out as we swapped countless USB drives and got everybody's presentations and music ready. Plus quite a few flags.

I've got a couple of days off to recover. It's going to be great, providing the weather holds out. It's been pretty windy, and a number of places have lost power or phone. But it's getting warm again, and Rachael wants to go bike riding. Hope neither of us fall off in the wind!


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