Quite a week 
Before you ask, our house is still standing. Christchurch is near the other end of the country. We spent a night there when we were travelling, so I've seen some of the places that got damaged in the earthquake. I've felt a few earthquakes since we moved here, but all of them were in the central north island where the main fault runs through.

At the brass band contest today, we had a different judge because the original one was down in Christchurch clearing the rubble off the pile of music we'd given him. Fortunately the motorway opened at noon, so we had no trouble driving down. We came fourth, but we were up against some very good bands so we were just there to have fun!

Both girls haven't been well, and Rachael's chipped a tooth, so she'll be visiting the dental nurse at some point to have it smoothed over. It seems that even when she's ill, she can still bounce around so much that she does herself an injury!

We're thinking of hosting an overseas student next year, so we've been given a few profiles to look over. Bronwyn came home today with some tester pots of paint, so I feel some redecorating is on the cards, as well as a lot of work to clear the spare room!


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