Bit of a scare. And a celebration. 
Bronwyn got stung by a wasp on Wednesday. She was just dropping off the girls to school. She had an allergic reaction and collapsed, and someone called an ambulance. By the time it arrived, she was coherent again, so they took her to the doctors. She was there for two hours, barely aware of what was going on, and was still weak and tired the following day. So she's now carrying antihistamines around in her bag, and keeping an eye open!

Rachael entered exams for writing and for spelling. She's just got the results for writing, and for the writing exam she came first (equal with another girl) in the school! So she's off on a trip on the ferry across the Auckland harbour with Auntie Claire for the afternoon. Haven't got the results for spelling yet, but she did pretty well last year.

At work, the light at the end of the tunnel keeps moving further away, but we're getting closer. We have spent 1300 hours restructuring the whole system. We let a few teachers have a look, and their comment was that nothing much had changed! So we spent 15 hours changing the appearance, and everyone's amazed. We've got a few obstacles to go, but hopefully everything should be ready Real Soon Now.


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