Boing boing boing 
Assembled the trampoline today, but didn't manage to complete it before Rachael arrived. It's huge - 14 foot across, with a high safety net. Rachael loves it. Sarah's a little unsure, but she loves bouncing on the bed, so I think she'll grow to like it. We put it round the back, where there's a bit of a slope, so at some point Bronwyn's dad is going to bring round some soil and raise up the lower side. But for now, it's perfectly good for Rachael and Sarah.

The server is secure from hacking, it's still slow but we're planning to move more stuff off it. Things have calmed a little at work, but it has still been chaotic.

Two more chairs arrived today. $1 each. When I saw the state of them, I was glad I hadn't paid any more, but they'll be fine once they've been upholstered. We only need one or two more, so I've held back on buying too many. Still tempted to buy a "Lazy Boy" chair with reclining back and foot rest, and fit it out with a holder for the mouthpiece, a plate for your tea mug, a slot for spare music, and a boxing glove on a lever in case your neighbour plays out of tune.

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