Cars, or lack of them 
My car is currently having a new engine fitted. It also needs a warrant, so I might as well leave it at the mechanics for a bit longer. Bronwyn's car is at the panelbeaters. We currently have a courtesy car, which is nearly as old as mine is. Bronwyn's car still needs a new seatbelt, cam belt and some work on the power steering. Tomorrow, my team leader wants me to work late, so he's lending me his car. He's going to drive out here and pick me up, and then let me drive him home. He's got a second car, which is a Porsche 911. He's not lending me that one.

Bronwyn had a good time in Singapore, and spent the week visiting friends, and spending time in her favourite places over there. She didn't get out to the island to lay flowers because it was bucketing down all week. But she's happy that she was able to go.

Meanwhile, we survived the week without her. I hardly bought any food; I've been running down our extensive stock of leftovers and other frozen bits. The girls were sleeping on the sofas in the lounge. Rachael wanted to sleep in the lounge because the cat has been peeing in her bedroom. The cat has been sleeping outside after pooing indoors four times in about three days.

Rachael has been unusually quiet after Bronwyn brought home a Nintendo DS Lite. It's entirely in Korean, although at least the games are in English. We've got a few Koreans around, so we're having at least the basic instructions translated. I might even learn some Korean, if I can prize it out of her fingers.

Kiwi Make-it-last-longer example 102
Our side gate. It's had at least three hinges; you can see the extra bracing pieces at the top corner. It's also had a new couple of diagonal braces added. The post at the other side is leaning out at an odd angle, but this didn't matter because the gate was too. Now that the gate is back in line, it doesn't match the post any more! Note the concrete block I added at the base to stop the lambs getting in.


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