Cold this week. Bronwyn's cut up some more firewood, and we've got enough to last for a while. It's heavy old stuff, however, and takes a while to burn. But we still have a little of the light dry wood to start the fire with. I haven't had to drive across the paddock to get more for a while.

My symptoms last week were almost identical to swine flu. I just missed the cough and sore throat. I'm thinking that it could actually be right across the country by now, and we wouldn't know because they're only testing people with serious symptoms. Meanwhile, a few school have shut down, and the shopping malls have apparently been crowded. Not sure if that was the desired object.

I now have a cleanish driveway, which will help since I have to park the car backwards in order to get a nice run down the hill. I need the downhill run in order to start the engine, and I need a clean driveway because otherwise I can't back the car up the final slope into the garage!

Mended my trousers yesterday. Managed to find a zip that was the same size as the old one. Indeed, it was the only zip that fitted, and it looked almost identical, so I guess styles haven't changed much. Unfortunately I'll probably have to take it out again. I put it in back to front...


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