Working hard on holiday 
I ended up taking only two days off altogether, although I left my emails set to tell everyone I was going to be out until September. Meanwhile, I ignored everything and just worked on a little project that I had wanted to do for a long time. It helped me to recover quite a bit. Bronwyn seems to be coping better this week too, although that may be due to having me more available. I did a few trips moving children around. I was discussing it with our pastor this morning too, and he made the comment that he felt under pressure too! So while he worries about us, I'll worry about him...

Planted all twenty trees. They're only tiny things barely a foot tall, but with a little care they should be fine. I think I now have the experience to raise their life expectancy somewhat. It's also quite relaxing to go off in the afternoon and check up on them.

But the major task I completed this week was to strip the grass off my driveway. Now I can clearly see the patches of concrete and the patches that are just stones and clay. I used a small bag of mortar to fill in some holes, but when I feel more energetic I'll get 50kg of concrete and try to smooth it out a bit. It probably needs a lot more than that, but it will be enough to seal off the weeds.

Two strips of roofing iron have appeared in our garden. I presume Bronwyn's dad is about to repair the roof, but hasn't mentioned it so far. Perhaps they need to be seasoned for a while. Not sure that iron needs to be seasoned, however.


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