Lengthy chases 
Never got caught in a police chase before...

Rachael's had exams this week. She wanted to be taken home at lunchtime, and it was my turn yesterday. On the way back, there's an old narrow bridge. There was a policeman. He looked agitated. Very agitated. He was flagging cars through as fast as possible. He was also holding what looked like a cable. It was attached to a box on the other side. I wondered why they'd make such a fuss about laying a traffic sensor.
It was about ten minutes later, after passing two police cars hurtling in the other direction, that I realised it was a spike strip.
It was all over the news. It started in south Auckland. There was one junction closed down there where shots had been fired. By about 15km north, there were 26 police cars in hot pursuit. Apparently they caught them in Wellsford, which is about an hour north of us! Fortunately no injuries.
Don't get that every day here!

Casey has been sneaking back into the garden. She's demolished the roses that I bought for Bronwyn's birthday, plus a few other plants. I tried leading her up the hill and leaving her at the top. But she was back down by the evening.
Yesterday, Bronwyn was helping her Dad to treat all the sheep after we found one really bad case of flystrike. Basically, the poor thing was being eaten alive by maggots. So they treated all the sheep, including Casey. Who didn't like it, and stood in a corner for a long while looking grumpy.
Bronwyn had a brainwave. Now we have a water pistol. Used it twice so far today. Seems to keep Casey out of the garden for a good hour!

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