The diagnosis 
Mentioned last time that I'd got swollen glands. Well, I've had various tests, and they've found something - lymphoma. (Forgot the precise species, sorry.) It's treatable, but I'm going to need chemo and possibly radiotherapy. I've had needles stuck in delicate places, and they want me back for a full body CT scan just to check if there's anything else, before working out a plan. The specialist said that out of all the things I could have had, it's probably a good one to pick.

Strangely, I don't feel particularly anxious. Had about 15 people surround to pray for me at church on Sunday. Had the definite sense that this is the start of something, not the end. Indeed this year I seem to be getting the message that it's time to move into a new phase and start passing on everything I've learnt over the years. Seeing as I'm generally quiet and reserved, that might take a while! Life is valuable; we all have to make the most of it and live with eternity in mind, not just next week, live for others, not just ourselves.

Don't feel too bad today, apart from the stab wounds in my pelvis and groin from the doctor yesterday. She assured me that there wouldn't be any poking and prodding at the appointment today (it was basically just a handover - they didn't tell us anything new). I said "Have you run out of places to prod?" to which she replied "I'm sure we can find a few more places to prod" to which I said "I'll look forward to that..." She says I'm a model patient. An absolute trooper!

I'll keep you posted...

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