My family and other animals 
I think we're raising a goat. Angus has been prevented from leaping over towards the kitchen, but we've now had to strengthen the fence round the other side. He still gets over sometimes. He's also made a hole in the old lawnmower - obviously he decided to jump on the plastic engine hood one day, and broke it. Fortunately that lawnmower is effectively scrap - we haven't bothered to get rid of it yet. Pretty sure it was him. Leia is much quieter and never tries to jump anything.

The two chicks are growing fast. As predicted, the light coloured one is getting dark feathers, and the dark one is getting light ones. They spend the night in a box in the old laundry, and the day time in the rabbit hutch. That's about the limits of their existence so far!

Two new calves to add to the existing three. We don't tend to name the ones raised in the paddock, so currently they're referred to as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Sam went out every day to check up on them. I understand they're a viral hit in Taiwan...

Sam's now off in Whitianga, just in time for the tsunami. She's fine. Her iPhone got a bit wet. I don't think it was tsunami related - she was just too busy collecting shellfish.

It's getting warm at last. Soon it'll be summer. Then we'll be back in the cold again for Christmas!

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