Oswald the Mostly White Rabbit. And other Christmas tales. 
We decided that Oswald needed a bit more space. The rather expensive hutch from Animates turned out to be more in keeping with a large guinea pig. So we rigged up some chicken wire and trellis, and gave him a patch by the water tank.

However, Oswald is quite good at escaping, and made it to freedom several times. He never goes far though. He seems to like hanging out under the house, which has plenty opportunities to hide away well out of reach of anything larger than a rabbit. We wouldn't seem him for a couple of days, and then he'd quietly appear around the back somewhere. So he's back in the hutch for now, and we have extra chicken wire and the promise of some timber for when we get time to build a proper run.

Christmas is in full swing. It ends on the 24th December. The 25th will be a quiet dinner followed by an empty space. We have a third dinner tonight with the whole family around. Meanwhile, I've done two hours on trombone this morning, another playout tonight and I'm supposed to turn up to a barbecue this afternoon. I'll have to miss something. I'm playing carols every day until Wednesday...

We've got (another) Chinese girl staying with us for a few weeks (i.e. over Christmas and New Year). Yuwen is from Shanghai, and thinks our hot weather is lovely and cool. And the sky is blue, and you can drink rainwater. She's enjoying it immensely already!

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