Need a rest 
Golly, it's been a while since the last one...

My left eye is finally coming right. No, I meant getting better. I ended up at the eye clinic in town (I love the way the signs for Eye Clinic are huge...) and they gave me antiviral as well as more antibiotic. Seems to have done the trick. Probably devastated the local biodiversity on my cornea, but I'm not complaining.

The next meeting of the Nor West Aspergers Support Group is tomorrow. Sounds like we'll have even more than last time. After the kids tested the engineering capabilities of the tree house last time, I've collected more wood and started repairs. Meanwhile, Bronwyn has got a few fencing stakes and is planning a game of lawn darts. We live dangerously round here...

I've been busy. Our little charity that supported a youth worker in the local college is currently supporting three, and we're hiring a full time person to coordinate training programmes for the less productive portion of Helensville youth. Another one to follow, and we'll probably need an office. Oh yes, and a minibus. Make that a big one. And I'm treasurer, fund raiser and it's time for the annual audit. And I'm not actually a signatory at the bank. Spent two hours this week at the bank trying to sort that out. Meanwhile, I've organised a second cheque book for the Vintage Band to manage their concerts, and I'll be rewriting the constitution. And I've been invited to become a company director. I feel honoured, but I think I prefer to be doing creative and productive work instead!

Rachael's been rather piled up with work too, and hasn't been sleeping well. At least it's nearly end of term. She's been doing really well in Japanese though. Came in the top 3, and one of them happens to be Japanese anyway. Bronwyn has at last managed to organise a plan with the school for her Aspergers, so hopefully it will be better managed now.

It's been dry and warm. Still feels like summer, but quite a bit of fog in the morning. We've got the lawnmower working again (turned out to be some dirty electrics) but it's hanging on by some rather flimsy welding, so it might be time to get another.

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