Sarah's chicks are doing fine, and Bronwyn has revived the nursery box and added an extra layer of chicken wire. One layer for the chicks, the other one for the cat. Unfortunately one of Cooper's chicks died on Sunday. She was rather small, and hadn't started eating, and accidentally fell a few inches. Sarah was really upset. But Claire has found a replacement, and Cooper is now back up to two again. Apparently one has been named "Rock Star".

And Zeus, our spina bifida lamb, died on Tuesday. He wasn't feeding too well on Sunday, and just went slowly downhill. We were all quite upset about that.

There was an accident on the main road on Tuesday morning. Motorcyclist died in a head-on with a truck. Rachael's school bus got stuck in the diverted traffic and was one and a half hours late. And apparently two people died early yesterday on the back road not far from us. They used to go to Kaipara College, and some of the youth group knew them.

So it hasn't been the best of weeks. But as Ross told Sarah, Zeus is up there in heaven, with all four legs working, gamboling away somewhere. And there's plenty more of his cousins still in the paddock. It hasn't been all bad.

Erica moved out this week. She's staying with a young Chinese couple in North Shore. We took her out for a meal last night. She's become like a daughter to us (she calls us Mummy and Daddy) and I keep expecting to hear her walking down the corridor in the morning. But we haven't seen the last of her. She's hoping to bring her entire English class to see the farm next weekend. She's also planning to bring her boyfriend next month when he's over here. And as I said, we took her out for a meal last night. It happened to coincide with the Bledisloe cup match, so they had to move us out the moment we'd finished, to make room for the hordes in front of the TV!

Did plenty yesterday. Two loads of washing, plus three jumpers and a sofa. This was the sofa bed we'd shipped out from England, but one of our cats found it years ago. Bronwyn wanted to throw it out, but the mechanism is still good, so I stripped it down and washed everything I could. I think it's almost passable for the youth group, but I'm not sure I'd sleep on it!

And I have a new car. A 1994 Corolla. The engine works perfectly, which is a bit of a shock after having learnt exactly how to move the old one, and then coming into a car that nearly does wheelspins. There's a spring loose in the driving seat, right where my spine sits. I couldn't get into the seat to fix it, so I arranged some cardboard and an old pullover (thanks, Mum) under the seat cover. Almost perfect. Now I just need to fix a flapping stone guard underneath, and give the carpet in the boot a wash, and it should be perfect.

Must dash. I have a sofa to reassemble.

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