Can't complain... 
Let's see... the car is still dying, I've had a stomach bug, Rachael's had a cold all week and Erica didn't make her grade in the exam. Oh, and it looks like we've lost another file store at work. Meanwhile, Bronwyn's on the hard stuff after the operation this week. She's had some teeth out, and it looks like one of the holes has got infected. It's really painful and swollen, but it's not quite as bad as it was. She's been on all sorts of medicines this week. Anti biotics, painkillers, anti-nausea and some stuff to increase her blood clotting factor. She's rattling.

Well, apparently the new car is still available, but it's not quite ready yet. It's owned by some guy who works at a car parts shop. This explains why it's taking so long. My mate Dave lives next door to a builder, and his house is never finished.

Erica's going to retake the exam, and hopefully in just a week's time. So it's back on the speaking practise. They gave her a rather tricky subject - School Rules. It's not easy pronouncing that, let alone describing it in a foreign language!

Plenty of fun at work. All the servers went down. It took us five hours to trace it to a rogue network cable. This was after some hasty phone calls to set up a support contract, because I don't actually work for them any more! Now it looks as if we've lost a backup file store too. It fell over on Friday, and I restarted it. Gone again. I think that means it's terminal...

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