Lambs everywhere... 
Weiming is off on her travels, and plans to head south for the summer. We've got a week or so free, and then her friend Celia arrives with her friend Nana. Weiming has been looking after us while we've all been sick. I wish we'd been able to do more for her while she was here, but she has done plenty for us!

I'm learning basic Chinese characters and grammar. It'll take a while to catch up with the average 3 year old. They have a system of strokes and a set order and direction to draw each of them. Weiming showed me how to look up characters in a chinese dictionary. However, you have to know how to write them first because the dictionary is organised by strokes!

We're up to 4 lambs at the house. Pip Bennett is growing fast, and little Angelica is learning to feed. Bronwyn's brother Stephen brought in two lambs which we've codenamed White Face and Scruffy. Alas, poor Apple Juice didn't last one night. More lambs on the way. It's a two person job doing the feeding now. Meanwhile, Goldy and Chickaboo are growing their feathers and seem to be doing fine in the shed.

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