All quiet on the western front 
I spent the day down at Mystery Creek setting up for the youth group camp. We had seven tents, five marquees, ten benches, two sofas, the doughnut machine, the coffee machine, the football table, the pool table, three banners, a camoflage net and an army jeep. Plus a five foot cross which I'm sure will feature at some point during the weekend. Our group is joining up with the other Baptist youth groups in the West Auckland area, hence the Western Front theme (they managed to bag the far western corner of the main camp). I was limping for several days afterwards, and saw tent pegs every time I closed my eyes.

I understand there's also a bouncy castle...

Sigrid and Venla have been at the campsite since Thursday, and we'll pick up Sigrid on Monday and head off to Rotorua for the week. I'm guessing she'll be tired, and in need of a good wash. But I hope it's all worth it.

It's also ANZAC day tomorrow, so before picking up Sigrid, Bronwyn will take the girls to the Waimauku parade. I'll be off with the band at the Swanson and Helensville parade, or at least the first half.

A piano arrived last week. It used to be in this house, and Bronwyn's mum borrowed it to learn to play. I understand it travelled across the farm on the pick up truck. It came back to its original resting place in a removals van, and Rachael has been learning to play. Rachael's also getting quite reasonable on the ukulele, and can do a decent rendition of "He's got the whole world". I was planning to teach Sigrid too, but she's had about two days to do homework, and won't see the piano again until next Saturday!

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