Bronwyn is off in Dunedin (in the far south of the south island) seeing old friends. She nearly didn't make it. On Thursday afternoon she was out feeding apples to the cows. One of the cows pushed in for another apple, and knocked another cow, who stood on Bronwyn's foot. The doctor was surprised there were no broken bones - she should have broken at least three. But she's got a nasty bruise, and she's hobbling around in crutches and a huge boot.

She got priority treatment at the airport. They apologised for not having a wheelchair hoist.

I've been pulling out brambles this week. There's an old rubbish pit in the area where I'm planting trees. It's covered in brambles, and bits of the huge trees that used to stand there. I decided I wanted to put something more useful there, so I've been slowly clearing the area. It's dangerous work. There's quite a few wasps in there as well! No stings yet, but plenty of scratches. I worked out the safest way was to wear jeans, and put the ends around my gumboots. That way the thorns don't get into my boots as well!

Still very dry. Cyclone Tomas nipped past quick before anybody noticed. But they're predicting another low pressure right on top of us next week. This could be it. Rain at last. Unless this one wimps out as well...

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