Bit of a sprinkle 
Yet another low pressure wimped out when the big anti-cyclone muscled in from Oz. We had about 2mm of rain. Another cold front due on Thursday, but I doubt it'll do much either. However, at least it's getting cooler, so the ground isn't drying out as much. Not that there's much to dry out. I can hear the crunch as I walk across the dead grass.

Decided I'd do something about the outside of the house, having attacked the inside. We still have three pieces of roofing ridge waiting for my father-in-law to buy the right kind of nails. And he promised to get a new battery for the lawnmower (it's currently reading 0.007 volts). But, at last, we have progress on the front deck.

I borrowed the water blaster, and cleaned off the boards. Amazing how much dirt can accumulate. Quite fun using a water blaster (ooh - that rose looks a bit dry - BLAST - there, should be happy now) but very tiring. I feel a little old. I did one coat of paint today, and now the deck is clean and grey. Not sure why it has to be grey; apparently it's the correct colour for a 1920s villa.

Bronwyn did a full 4 days, and seems to be enjoying it at last. She's just come home with a new printer, which she's going to use to print off learning stories for work. She's also planning to invoice work for them, if they want the parents to see them, that is! Otherwise they'll go in her folder as part of her teacher registration.

Rachael's ear has been dripping smelly green stuff. She's on antibiotics, and she's got an appointment with the hospital tomorrow because they're worried it might be behind her ear drum. Otherwise she's fine. Sarah's had her Measles, Mumps and Rubella jabs this week, and was a bit off colour for a day or two, but is fine now.

I dismantled the old barbecue. It belongs to Bronwyn's parents, who brought it here to cook dinner one day, and left it. They've got a big shiny new one. I saved the hot plates, because they're the same size as ours, and I water blasted the shelf. It might look good in the shed as a rustic little potting shelf. Maybe the wheels might do for a go-cart, but the rest is a pile of rust. I'll shovel it down a hole one day.

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