We have normality. I repeat, we have normality... 
I declared war on the lounge this morning, and threw everything into a big heap on the floor. I spent all morning sorting it out and putting it away, and now I'm left with a boxful of miscellaneous junk which I'll attack when I get some energy. This morning Sarah spilt orangeade on the carpet (trust her to pick the one with the most revolting colour) and Rachael broke another glass. So the girls got a bit of a talking to, and Bronwyn took them out for a slow shopping trip while I attacked the lounge. Weíve broken three glasses and two mirrors this year. I think Iíll look out for some plastic tumblers with super-wide bases that canít be knocked over, stood on or dropped. Maybe I could bolt them to the table too, but I'd need to buy more drinking straws.

Need to sort out the rest of the house too, but maybe not today.

It's still hot and sunny. I've been checking the forecast, and it looks like it's going to stay dry for a while longer. We've been moving the sheep and cows around to get the grass, but there's not a lot left. Just need a decent thunderstorm or two.

Bronwyn managed four days this week. She nearly managed five, but had to turn round and go home before her bowels exploded. Fortunately it was only temporary, but it did give her a useful day off. She's trying to get Wednesdays off in future, but they're wanting her to work longer hours on the other days.

Apparently the person she thought was the manager is only the head teacher. The person she thought was the owner is only the manager. The real owners are in China! There doesn't seem to be a lot of regard to the regulations here, so I suspect Bronwyn won't be accepting another placement there. Otherwise, it's quite a nice place to work.

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