Spring at last? 
It's getting warmer at last. Quite sunny yesterday. Rachael had more friends over to jump on the trampoline and watch The Digger.

They're digging out a foundation for a new house for Bronwyn's sister Claire and husband Nigel. Well, actually it's just for the garage. But it's huge. It's big enough for a boat and a couple of tractors. They're certainly not planning on a simple little country cottage. I guess they won't have a lot of spare cash for a while. They're moving into the garage first, and then building the rest of the house, which is even bigger.

I put the pram on the internet for auction. No bids so far. It's all intact except for one broken clip and a couple of marks. My boss won a ticket to the rugby semi finals in Paris. He couldn't go, so he's put it on auction as well. It's currently going for $6200. I guess that will cheer him up a bit.

The brass band has the entertainment contest next week, and it's my first ever stand-up solo. Fortunately it's only eight bars long, and quite playable, and I've got it well memorised. So hopefully I'll be OK...

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