Chaos all round 
Not sure how many lambs we have now. Over 50 were born in a week, in some rather cold, wet and very windy weather. We've been out three times a day checking around the paddock, and it's not easy with the rain stinging your face. But it's been a good season. Only lost three lambs, and two of them were in the worst of the weather. Plus an old ewe that was already thin and weak. We have two lambs in the back yard, called Tabby and Toby. And no others; they've all been well looked after in the paddock. I helped one to breath, and Bronwyn has done several.

Opening the back door has become hazardous. You have to catch them by surprise. If you stand talking behind the door, they're already there waiting to bolt in through the smallest gap!

Sarah has been off school as a contact of a covid case. Well, officially, that is. The case is Rachael. Rachael had pains in the abdomen, probably appendicitis, and phoned the health line. She told them it had happened many times before, so they advised her to get someone to take her into hospital to get it checked out. So Bronwyn drives out, picks up Rachael and they go to the hospital. Of course, every patient gets a covid test. And apparently Rachael's was positive, even though they couldn't then find the swab. Or indeed any symptoms. So she gets taken into the covid ward by a nurse in full PPE, and put into a room. Rach is really upset. Then someone coughs outside the door, opens it and looks in, says sorry and closes it again. Rach is now freaking out. So after being in for over three hours, she decides to sign herself out and go home. She's been testing negative since then. The appendicitis has also eased too. And Bronwyn is slowly catching up on sleep!

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