I do enjoy the quiet season, when everyone is off work and probably fighting the traffic to get out of Auckland. It's so peaceful, and you can get lots done, just so long as you don't need hospital treatment for it. They're on holiday too.

It's been rather wet, and still very green. Several festivals have been swamped in floods and mud. We're still hoping that it will have dried out a bit by the time we get to go on holiday later in the month. Or at least something less than the record rainfall last year. Haven't had to water the garden for years.

Sarah has finished school, and Rachael has finished Uni. The end of an era. No more trips to the school bus. And Rach is hoping to get her full driving license soon, which means that she'll be able to carry passengers. Legally.

Bronwyn now has a new car. Our old one did well at transporting huge amounts of creative junk when Bronwyn was working for the church. But it's a bit of a liability now if she needs a parking spot in the city, so the new car is a bit shorter. Just need to sell the old one so we've got some space in the garage.

Sorry, hang on. Duchess wants a chat.

Hi guys! Duchess is my name. I like to hang out with the humans, and wag my tail. Violently. And climb up on them too. And run. I LIKE TO RUN! Very fast. Round and round! The humans have been teaching me how to chase the white fluffy dogs out on the farm. I love chasing them. Round and Round! I think the humans want them to go in a straight line, but that's BORING. I like digging too. Haven't found anything yet, but I keep trying.

There's a one legged furry snake in our house. A big fat one. He hardly moves, except when I come up to say hello, when he raises the leg and HISSES. I'm not sure he wants to be friends. There's also the Mouthclaws. They live in a cage in the garden, and peck at the ground with their mouth claw. One day, I found one sitting on the ground, so I brought it round to show the humans. The humans didn't seem too happy about it. But the mouthclaw is doing fine. I tried not to dribble on it.

So that's about my life so far. I spend a lot of time sleeping, waiting for the humans to get up. We've been out to the water a few times. Big water. I used to be scared of it, but I'm happy to splash and even swim a bit now. As well as running alongside it, of course!

Thanks Duchess. Must give you a run sometime.


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