More rain at last 
It had just rained when I wrote the last one. It's just rained again. Good thing too; we were down to about 30% on the water tank. Last week it was overflowing. Onto the grass. I'm guessing the cow I mentioned last time had pushed the pipe out. Managed to bend it enough so that I could get it back in. We should be getting to the wet and miserable stage shortly, but for now it's still warm and sunny. And getting green rapidly.

Bronwyn has just accepted a new job. It's been a long process, but she's gone from looking after children and their families at church to Chaplain At Large in the city centre, with the Methodist city mission. It's a full time job, spread out over all hours of the week and involving a lot of walking and chatting to people from the homeless to the business owners. As well as providing input on Council meetings. It should suit Bronwyn to a tee; she's highly independent and she'll have a lot of flexibility to approach and respond to whatever happens to come her way.

Ross is concerned that he won't have his personal assistant on the farm, but now that Sarah is bigger than me, we have three others he can call on. I managed to fix a trough last week. The cows had bent the ballcock. I bent it back. Need to grab a bucket of staples and fix the fences too!

The Omicron wave has reached us. It's already peaked in the city and gone right down again. But it's obviously taking a bit longer to roll out across the country, and many parts are still yet to reach the peak. But a lot of the mandates and restrictions have been relaxed, and it's beginning to feel more like normal again. Someone laughed at me for scanning in last week. It's no longer required (or useful) but it's a bit of a habit!

The parliament protest lasted for about 4 weeks, and finally they were moved on after things got a bit too violent. I understand that they were complaining about coughs, fevers, aches and sore throats. Someone managed to trace it to the concrete roadblocks that the police had put in, and they decided that they were being targeted with radiation. There were calls put out for donations of tin foil in order to make more hats for everyone. Don't think it helped the sore throats.

Rach is still working from home, and spends long hours in the spare room hunched over a laptop. Bronwyn has been sorting out all the church stuff from the spare room; I suspect we'll end up with a lot more space! Sarah is back at school, but bumped her head again recently and has been fighting some bad headaches. So long as things are quiet she's generally OK. I'm still working from home, but the brass band is back in action again and we might fit in a few playouts before winter. Slowly getting back to normal!

Feijoa season again. Tonnes of fruit suddenly coming online. I've been scooping out feijoas and freezing it for later. Made some Feijoa and Ginger jam, which went down well. Ordered some wine yeast for more fermentation experiments (last year's product smelt distinctly of glue) and it's probably time for some guava jelly. I still have plenty of chutney so I won't be bothering with that just yet!


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