From midnight Wednesday we have been on level 4. All non-essential travel is banned. The police are running checkpoints - not sure where - I haven't been to the end of the driveway yet.

The TV stopped working at 8pm Wednesday. Last night we rigged up a monitor to watch Doctor Who from a laptop. Not quite the manner to which we have are accustomed, but it worked. Just so long as the internet holds up. I asked to reduce our cap from 200 to 120GB. I suspect they forgot. Probably just as well; we're going to need it now!

In a previous universe, Mimoko came from Japan to stay with us near the end of February. She had just turned 15, and barely spoke a word. But she slowly opened up over the two weeks, and the smiles began to appear. We took her to the zoo, the aquarium, two beaches and several other places. I also tried to give her a different way to school each day. She particularly loved the road through the forest. She brought us a pile of presents, including a paintbrush for painting Chinese characters which she demonstrated to us with great care and skill. She left us a wonderful card with drawings of a crane and a lovely message. I don't think she wanted to go home.

The day after, we had the house sprayed for spiders. The guy told me I was fine; it would just smell of paint for half an hour. Unfortunately it irritated my nose and throat, and I came down with some sort of infection. Not a good time to be coughing in public. I'm not sure what the infection is, but I've hardly left the house just in case! I'm not too bad now; I decided to crack open some antibiotics, and now I'm just a bit tired and croaky. Rach has now got laryngitis. None of us have dared to go down the road to the doctor yet!

Money has been an issue; I've had hardly anything coming in for two months. Fortunately we've got enough now to keep us going, and we still have savings. I planted all our old potatoes after Bronwyn managed to get a fresh bag, and she also found lettuce and brocolli, and several packets of seed. We've had a bit of rain this week, so the water tank is up to half full. Just as well; we're not able to go down to the church office to have a shower any more!

Sarah is in the lounge doing her schoolwork online. Rach is in bed recovering, but she'll be doing lectures remotely next week, as will Bronwyn. Bronwyn is making endless phone calls to keep in touch with our group from church, and they're trying to think of ways to look after everyone. Not easy when you can't just drive over!

We'll survive. I was reminded of an old photo that my grandmother showed me once. She was sitting on the steps at the seafront, with a four year old boy and a seven year old girl. My uncle and mother. That was the day that war was declared with Germany. I can't imagine what that family had to go through; it was never really spoken. But they responded, and that love of growing your own vegetables is still in the family.


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