April. And May as well. 
I've sold my old car!

A couple of weeks ago, Bronwyn was driving and came across an accident. A young man was inside, looking rather shaken. The car was rather mangled. So she leaps out and sees if there's anything she can do (she'd make a great paramedic if she could control the adrenaline). The father turns up, looks at the car and says "Looks like you've written it off this time". Apparently the young man had just started work a week before, and need a car to get to work. And they were now on the lookout for another cheap car.

So Bronwyn fixes up a deal, and they come round the next day. I gave them most of the details. Battery dying, new radiator plus a couple of spark plugs and leads, fixed up the rust and the engine light is due to the RPM sensor, which turned into a ball of copper fluff. Forgot to mention the reversing lights and the rear de-mister, but they were broken when I first bought it. They were happy, but it had failed the warrant due to the seatbelt fraying (I'd done my best sewing on it, but apparently that's not enough). So they agreed to get that done on Monday, handed over the cash and drove off.

As they went, I just said "look after it", at which the father said "Did you hear what he said?" and the young man mumbled something inaudible. I put the documents and the rest of the touch up paint in their letter box and haven't heard a thing since.

Might get a saxophone. A friend has a collection of virtually new instruments left by his dad, and my friend wanted them somewhere other than his loft. So I borrowed the alto sax and had a go. It's Eb, which is going to be tricky with guitars, however if you don't ram the mouthpiece all the way in, it plays in D. Which will help enormously. I'm considering giving it an outing in church this Sunday. I won't point the microphone anywhere near it just yet.

Rach says I should get an honorary physics degree once she's finished with hers. I've been helping her with the mathematics, but I've also had to learn about the physics as well in order to understand it. So we've spent two or three evenings a week going through it. Last week - heat pumps and thermal energy. This week - harmonic motion and waves. Should get to the Scroedinger equation next semester.

Sarah's concussion is not causing so many issues now, although she still gets headaches after a long day. She's slowly increasing her hours at school, which means we're having to drive over to either drop her off or bring her back. She recently took part in a competition with St Johns Youth, and the team came second. It was a rather long day though, so she didn't do a lot for a couple of days afterwards!

Bronwyn was officially on holiday last week, but still got drawn into two church meetings. She spent Sunday on the beach instead! Easter Camp went well; no hurricanes, no accidents and no coke all over the sleeping bags. Well, OK, not coke anyway. She had a number of late bookings, and had to find a minibus fast. There was one left in pretty much the whole of North Auckland so she took it. Rach and Sarah went down as well; Sarah is going to be too old to go as a child next year, and too young to go as a leader. Mummy says she has to go to the big kids easter camp for a year, and then she'll be allowed back with the little kids. And the water slide.

It's getting colder here. Haven't lit the fire yet. We have plenty of wood after the storm last year, and I've been chopping it up with a pruning saw. Bronwyn's dad has finally decided that she might be safe with a chainsaw, so he went out and bought one for her. She's only allowed to use it under supervision and extensive training. And all the protective gear. So we've now got plenty of wood, but we can't light the fire yet until it's been officially checked and swept. Blankets all round for now.

Might get a few late potatoes too. We had some old hay bales left over from the Christmas parade, and they were too old to feed out to the cows, so I carried them to the garden. Weeds cleared, couple of bags of potato fertiliser and an awful lot of hay to cover it. Seems to be working. The potatoes can grow through but not most of the weeds!


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