Christmas madness 
Funny how everyone asks you if you had a good holiday at this time of year. We don't go on holiday straight after Christmas, largely because everybody else does! Many of the main highways are slowed to a crawl and the police are out in force with a zero speed tolerance, if you can actually get that fast. So we go later in January. We're off next week camping. Bronwyn has already piled up the spare room with camping gear.

Yuwen had a really good time with us over Christmas. Poor girl, she arrived just in time to see Janet & Ross's church group Christmas party. There was some rather unsteady carol singing after half a dozen bottles of wine. She came out with me and Sarah to hold a collection box with the brass band, plus the family Christmas dinner and the actual Christmas Christmas dinner with the few people left who weren't on holiday. We took her out to the beach several times, the museum, the bush on the farm and quite a few other places. Plus various occasions helping with the sheep.

So now it's all quiet again, and it's been warm and dry. Might get some rain next week, but so long as it's enough to stop the garden withering, that's fine by me.

I moved Oswald into the long grass by the fence. He's beginning to dig, so I didn't want him to learn how to dig all the way out...


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