A quiet week 
Moved the bunk bed into Rachael's room, Rachael's old bed into Sarah's room, Sarah's old bed into the spare room. Still have the bottom bunk to paint, but the shop has run out of purple.

Transplanted about 34 tree seedlings, which are now growing on my windowsill along with some little seedlings that I grew from the seed pods. So I've got about 55 trees on my windowsill, but none are more than four centimetres tall.

Spent most of Saturday sorting out photos of the brass band. We have the 60th reunion in two weeks, and they wanted to display the old photos. Spent the rest of Saturday attempting to show Rachael how to build a contour model of the farm using cardboard. She doesn't quite have a grasp of '1:12500', but she loves cutting out the cardboard layers.

Bronwyn has been shipping stuff out of work. She hasn't handed her notice in yet, but discovered that she wasn't the only one thinking of leaving!


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